Irene Chambi

Spanish, English
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Product Manager
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I'm from Lima Perú and I've always been very concerned about the environment and the conservation of natural spaces. After finished a bachelor's in Business, I worked in consulting and then in the retail sector. I then did a master's in Innovation (Hyper Island) which allowed me to discover new ways of doing business, one that includes in their DNA ethical considerations and the wellbeing of people. I'm looking forward to collaborating with people that are creating opportunities to have a better world.

I have experience in the retail sector and managing brands' strategies. I can help you build a brand with strong products, budgeting, setting sell goals, managing social media and more! I've also been involved in projects that involve working with agile methodologies, facilitation for teams, new technologies and different tools for prototyping, researching and synthesizing information. I also have experience teaching arts and craft to children I will also be really happy if I could participate in projects that are related to art, sustainability or circular economy.