María José Ternero

Spanish, English
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Marketing & Design
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l have always been concerned about environmental issues and the importance of living and behaving in the less harmful way to our planet. This has been the guideline for both my personal and professional development and interests. I have been a volunteer in environmental restoration and conservation programs and most of my Marketing working experience has been under a project which offers a sustainable camping alternative for events. I am willing to offer a few hours per week of my time to any kind of initiative!

As a Marketer l can help you carry out digital campaigns using different tools and strategies to spread the word of your organization or gather new leads/volunteers. I can also support WordPress webpages in structure and content optimization. I have experience in designing graphic material such as brochures, white papers, infographics, and presentations using Adobe tools. I have been an English-Spanish translator volunteer for different organizations, so l can help in this also!