Roberta Pesce

Roberta Pesce

English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian
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strategist, researcher, and marketeer
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I am a driven strategist and a passionate activist on a mission to make communities and organizations healthier, inclusive, and planet-centric.

Through my time at SRNA, I created international grassroots campaigns from scratch, set up a community support portal, and led the communication and branding strategy for one of the largest nonprofits in the rare disease space. My deep curiosity about leadership and innovation in the social and environmental sectors has led me to partner with and work for a variety of organizations, including Ashoka, iDE, and Butterfly Works.

I have worked and lived extensively in Amsterdam, Madrid, New York, DC, and Phnom Penh. When I'm not traveling, you can find me petting random animals on the street, planting vegetables in the community garden, brewing my favorite sage-bergamot kombucha, sharing my passion for food and sustainability, enjoying a long hike, or reading a book with a strong cup of coffee.