Rodrigo Troncoso

Spanish, English
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Electrical engineer
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Hello! my name is Rodrigo and I'm an Electrical Engineer currently living in Santiago, Chile. I'm worried about what climate change will do to the landscape of my country and the world. I believe that as human race we have never faced a problem so big, long term and insidious as this one. Nevertheless, I also believe that we can overcome it if we adapt to profitable and sustainable business models. As in other problems that we have faced before as humanity, the key may be in our diversity and I'm sure we can all help from our niche.

My abilities could serve in anything related to IoT and hardware deployment and integration. I have worked with microcontrollers, microcomputers and FPGA. I have also designed circuits in eagle and Altium Circuit Maker. I know Python, Matlab and Bash, and I have worked with Microsoft Azure. I'm familiar with the CANbus protocol. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk!