Winter Mwape

English, Bemba and Nyanja
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Scientist and researcher
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I am Zambian male Scientist and Researcher educated up to masters level in Environment, Sustainable Development and peace from the Copperbelt University; and also holds with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) from the University of Zambia. I am currently working as a specialist - occupational hygiene at one of the mines in Zambia and am also a student of Environmental Management System at Information and Communication University. I am currently working on the research paper looking at the effects of climate change induced migration on land use in Serenje district of Central province of Zambia. Areas of interest are water service delivery, environmental management, occupational hygiene, analytical chemistry, etc.

Am a Zambian who would like to make a difference in the community where I live. I would like to share the experience i have acquired in service delivery and community based natural and environment management. I have been in the industry for the past 18 years. My skills range from people management, natural resource and environment management, mineral resource sustainability and water chemistry.